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About Sai Community Services

Helping People To Help Humanity

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SAI Community Services is a well known support service providers, a team of professionals which has dedicated more than 10 years supporting people with  disabilities in a variety of roles and capacities. SAI Community Services is passionate about Helping those special people who need some support to live their Best Life. We have a professional team with extensive experience with complex supports.
We are so please & excited to bring our Experience & knowledge to collaborate with those who are in need of support in the community.

SAI Community Services was created to empower people with complex needs to live their best life. It is a well-known support service providers with a team of professionals which has dedicated more than 10 years to support our community with special abilities to access individualised support to achieve more independent and fulfilling lives.



We are passionate about new opportunities. We look for better ways of doing things and are constantly learning. We embrace different ways of thinking; it makes us stronger and drive us to be better.



We as a team are compassionate about our values and our goals. We delight in achievement and work together with our participants to empowering them live their best life. We always practice open listening and respectful behavior.

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We take pride in everything we do and strive to do our best. Always taking personal responsibilities for quality, innovation and excellence.



We show understanding for one another through our decisions, actions and words, respecting and appreciating the efforts of all.

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We treat each other and our participants with the highest degree of respect and equality.


Our Mission

Empowering people with a disability to take ownership of their life and promote individual growth, independence, social justice and human rights.